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Group "Shpilki", or as they are called, "Russian The Pussycat Dolls» -

is not just a talented and beautiful girls, each of which - pronounced individuality. This successful project team, which has long found its niche in the Russian show business. They sing beautifully, and their dances are dynamic, emotional and very sexy. Good choreography school allows them to improvise in dance, and it creates an additional interest in their performances.

Popularity group brought good rotated hits "Sam ty Natasha", "Malenkaya shtuchka", "Devki - samyi sok", "Medlenno", "Papuasy", "Sterva" and many others. But the members of the band did not stop. Just recently saw the light of the new clip is a very beautiful song "Ne ukhodi", and released a new album "The Best & New", which included well-known hits as well as completely new, but no less interesting songs of the group.

Girls not only act and touring, but also take an active part in other projects - shooting in film, television, variety shows, but, of course, the most important thing in their lives - music, dynamic, bright and very stylish! Group "Shpilki" - is a sincere optimism of youth, passion, enthusiasm and brilliant mischief. It is obvious serious attitude to his creativity and professionalism.
Group Shpilki


There is still a lot of ideas and projects, and then, with what tenacity, dedication and most importantly, believing in yourself now working member of the group, leaves no doubt that all of our plans will be fulfilled!

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